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Use Grauers Metadata properties handler

To use this function first download WSP file from download or from this link:

Add and install solution via SharePoint PowerShell
Add-SPSolution "C:\Temp\Grauerssetmetadata_properties.wsp"
Install-SPSolution "Grauerssetmetadata_properties.wsp" -GACDeployment

Then activate solution via http://yourspurl/Site Settings/Manage site features
Activate Grauers Set Metadata Properties freature

Go to you document library and create following columns:
  • Issue (Type=Singe line of text)
  • Approved by (Type=Person or Group)
  • Approved date (Type=Date and Time)

Go to Site Settings/Set metadata properties libraries
Choose your document library. Example Documents.
Choose issue, approved by and approved date field. Click on + icon.

Go to your library and test. Test to approve a document and you will sea the following results:

In Office Word you can use this properies for example in header:

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